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At LLEASLLC, our purpose is to help you put the pieces together by providing professional and affordable virtual administrative services.

Take a moment to think about how much time you spend sorting emails, updating contact lists, or conducting internet research.  How much time do you spend typing contracts?  Drafting, sending, and awaiting response of email correspondence? How about fumbling through various programs to create a spreadsheet?  What you think will only take a few minutes can easily turn into hours if you aren’t familiar with the programs.  Are you spending more time on these tasks than you thought?  More time than you want?  Most importantly, are you spending more time than you can afford?  These tasks can become laborious and consume time that could be better spent on revenue bearing activities.

What can you do to ensure business needs are met without doing everything yourself?  One option is to hire a secretary.  This may be the perfect solution –  providing that your business is prepared for the financial commitments of hiring personnel such as salary, benefits, taxes, office space, and additional equipment.

LLEASLLC offers a cost-effective alternative solution to hiring personnel.  Your business contracts our virtual services when you need and for as long as you need.  We can manage your emails, contacts, and calendars, schedule events and arrange travel, create documents, presentations, and spreadsheets, help you organize and update social network profiles, and much more without requiring your business to add office space, equipment, or headcount.

LLEASLLC offers over 20 years of experience in executive and administrative services, Human Resources, graphic and web design. Thriving on new technology, we stay abreast of current and upcoming resources that will improve overall efficiency for LLEASLLC and our clients. We currently utilize cloud applications to track business contacts, events, electronic communications, and more in convenient and efficient portals. Letters, forms, spreadsheets, presentations, slide shows, databases, brochures, etc. can be created using various techniques and formats.

Contact us to learn how LLEASLLC can help you put the pieces together.